Loft Conversion

We at UK-Properties have been transforming attic and loft spaces into fantastic room space for many years. Established and well renowned throughout Birmingham with a work record we are highly proud of.

A loft conversion takes a on a whole different set of situations that have to be met. Opening up the roof space, means exposure to the elements, therefore in many cases sufficient protection has to be provided for before any other part of the project can be addressed.


As constructing lofts is a main part of our core business, we have a very experienced team of professionals ready to handle all aspects of your project.

The Complete Loft Conversion Service


  • Free loft conversion survey

  • Fixed, detailed price and quotation

  • Competitive prices

  • Origination of plans and structural calculations

  • Planning permission / Building Regs obtained

  • Liase with your Local Authority / Approved Surveyor


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Do I need Planning Permission?

In October 2008, new regulations came into effect which mean that you no longer have to apply for planning permission for your loft conversion, providing these following conditions and limitations are met:

1. Your loft conversion is no larger than 40m3 in a terraced house

2. Your loft conversion is no larger than 50m3 in a detached or semi-detached house

3. Your loft does not extend beyond the plane of the existing roof slope of the principal elevation that fronts the highway:

4. Your loft does not extend beyond the highest part of the roof

5. You use materials similar in appearance to the existing house

6. Your loft conversion doesn't have any verandas, balconies or raised platforms

7. Side-facing windows must be obscure-glazed

8. Any opening should be 1.7m above the floor

9. Roof extensions are not to be permitted development in designated areas

10. Your roof extension, (as part of your loft conversion) apart from hip to gable ones, should be set back as far as practicable, at least 20 cm from the eaves.

If you would like to convert your loft outside of these parameters then you will have to apply for planning permission which usually costs around £150 per house affected.